Leadership In Controlled Gene Expression

IP & Licensing

The Tet Technology is accesible for everyone, but there are different licensing procedures for non-profit and for-profit companies and institutions.

If you are a Non-Profit Research organisation:
Academic institutions acquiring the Tet Technology through purchase of its components obtain automatically a royalty-free license for internal academic research use only. This license excludes specifically the use of the Tet Technology in projects sponsored by for-profit institutions and the right to sell the Tet components to third parties. Transfer of Tet materials to other not-for-profit organisations requires a NOTICE TO RECIPIENT. If you want to provide or to receive "material", please see section "For Non-Profit Research".

If you belong to a For Profit organisation:
TET Systems offers access to the Tet Technology to for-profit entities in the form of non-exclusive research licenses and commercial licenses. If you want to use the Tet Technology, you can get access through a License Agreement tailored to your needs. See section "For Profit Research".

Components of the Tet Technology as well as related products and services may be obtained from TET Systems` network of licensed Partners, including Clontech, the preferrred marketing partner for more than 20 years and other commercial licensees. Please see Reagents & Services for more details.

If you are interested in TET Systems, but not in using the technology, please feel free to contact us via email or our contact formular.