Leadership In Controlled Gene Expression

Science and Technology

The Tet Technology provides efficient, precise and reversible control over both timing and level of gene expression in eukaryotic cells. Its outstanding specificity and the well-studied chemical and physiological properties of the inducing agents have made the Tet System the most widely applied inducible gene expression system. The broad usage of the Tet Technology is demonstrated by more than 10,000 publications in peer-reviewed journals (March 2013). A comprehensive list of publication can be found in the restricted area. The Tet Technology has been successfully applied  in numerous tissue culture systems as well as in various organisms such as yeasts, protozoans, insects, amphibia, plants and mammals, particularly in mice. Besides facilitating physiological studies at the cellular level, the Tet System also permits detailed analyses of complex biological processes like behaviour, development and disease. The components of the Tet System are available through our network of authorized partners under limited license agreements. Commercial users can access the Tet Technology through our licensing program.


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