Leadership In Controlled Gene Expression

About TET Systems

TET Systems is located in Heidelberg, Germany. The company was founded by the inventors of the Tet Technology and holds the Tet Technology IP portfolio comprising:

  • Tet Core Technology IP, transferred to the company through an assignment agreement with Abbott on Jan 1, 2004
  • Tet Technology Improvement IP, assigned to TET Systems by the Inventors
  • IP covering reverse transactivators and minimal promoters acquired in 2009 from the Academic Medical Center and the University of Heidelberg, respectively


TET Systems will strengthen the Tet Technology as the leading eukaryotic gene regulation principle through:

  • the continued development of the technology in the inventor`s laboratories
  • scientific collaborations
  • sponsored research


TET Systems will broaden and strengthen the Tet Technology IP portfolio by acquisition and in-licensing of relevant IP from third parties.

As of January 2010, TET Systems Holding has:

  • merged with its subsidiary IP Merchandisers
  • changed its name to TET Systems and
  • will market the Tet patent portfolio worldwide.