Leadership In Controlled Gene Expression


  • The Tet Technology was discovered and developed by Prof. Dr. H. Bujard and colleagues at the University of Heidelberg
  • Tet Technology is marketed since 1996; first by BASF Bioresearch Corporation, a BASF Pharma ("Knoll") company
  • In 2001, Abbott and its affiliates acquire the pharmaceutical of BASF AG (BASF PHARMA). From then on, Abbott exclusively markets the Tet Technology
  • In December 2003, Abbott transfers its Tet IP portfolio to TET Systems
  • Since 2004, TET Systems holds all pertinent IP rights to the Tet Technology. Licenses to the Tet Technology are available through IP Merchandisers, a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • Since 2004, both Abbott and TET Systems Holding/IP Merchandisers market the "original Tet Technology
  • In 2005 and 2009, TET Systems acquired patent applications from the University of Heidelberg
  • In 2009, TET Systems acquired patent applications covering new reverse transcativators from the Amsterdam Medical Center
  • January 2010, TET Systems and IP Merchandisers enter into a definitive merger agreement. IP Merchandisers is fully intergrated into TET Systems which takes over all operational activities.
  • January 2010, TET Systems Holding changes its name to TET Systems.
  • Only TET Systems can grant licenses to the complete Tet Technology IP portfolio comprising 14 granted patents to interested parties.