Leadership In Controlled Gene Expression

Recordings of Tet webinar series are now available

Takara Bio Europe (St. Germain en Laye) and TET Systems (Heidelberg) hosted a series of four webinars on the Tet Technology in the first half of December 2012. This webinar series provided additional insights into the most successful technology for controlling gene expression in eukaryotes and how to best use it.


     Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Bujard, University of Heidelberg, Germany

     Dr. Kai Schönig, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany 

     Dr. Manfred Gossen, BCRT, Berlin, Germany

      Dr. Luke Alphey, Chief Scientist, Oxitec Ltd., UK  

      Prem K. Premsrirut, PhD, CEO of Mirimus, Inc.


You can access the webinar recordings and Q&A transcripts by clicking on the title of the respective webinar.

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