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Other Transgenic Animals Models


Transgenic Rodent Lines

The following tables comprise mouse lines expressing the Tet transactivators (tTA Gossen and Bujard, 1992, rtTA Gossen et al., 1995, rtTA2 S-M2 or rtTA2 S-S2 Urlinger et al., 2000) under control of various promoters (Table 1) and responsive mouse lines carrying target genes under Tet-control (Table 2). In addition, we have collated a list of Tet transgenic rats and other Tet transgenic animal models. Commercial Partners, Licensees and registered TET users will have access to the complete Tables.

These lists may not be complete as the list of Tet mice is continuously increasing. Therefore, if you are aware of additional mouse lines that should be included, please contact us. The tables will be updated on a regular basis and are a service that we provide to the research community.

For scientists receiving requests for Tet mice falling under TET Systems' valid IP, please find here the NOTICE TO RECIPIENT that needs to be mailed with the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) of the providing institution before Tet mice can be transferred to recipients. Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@tet-systems.com if you need further assistance.

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