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The annual Tet bibliographies listed on the left mainly includes publications describing applications of the Tet System. They also include articles describing the initial technology development of the Tet System as well as ongoing improvements and modifications concerning the use of Tet-Off, Tet-On and Tet silencer proteins. For the most part, only primary work is referenced; reviews are only included when the Tet System is the focus of the review.

Given the steady increase in applications of the Tet System, we cannot track every individual contribution. Therefore, if you are aware of additional references that should be included, you are encouraged to contact us.

You can search the complete Tet bibliography online by following the link in the right hand column.

To view the references online or download the complete library file, you must first register. The references are grouped as follows: Publication year > last name of first author. References will be updated on a yearly basis and are a free service that we provide to the research community.

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