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Here you can find useful information on the Tet Technology.
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This is our download area, where you can find interesting information about the Tet Technology and TET Systems, which is located in Heidelberg, Germany. If you are interested in other details please contact us.


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TET Systems Videos

Mechanistic videos of the TET-On® and TET-Off® technologies are available for downloads at different resolutions: 

TET-On (low res.)

TET-On (high res.)

TET-Off (low res.)

TET-Off (high res.)


TET Systems Brochure

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TET Systems Advertisement

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TET Systems Flyer

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Nature Methods Application Notes 2007

The Tet Technology: controlling gene expression in eukaryotes


Free downloads

Tet Repressor-Based System for Regulated Gene Expression in Eukaryotic Cells: Principles and Advances

Baron and Bujard 2000 Meth.Enzymol. 327: 401-421


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