TET Systems offers licensing models tailored to your needs

The Tet Technology is accessible to everyone, but depending on the type of organization and use, different licensing models apply to non-profit and for-profit entities.

It was always the inventors’ philosophy to make the Tet Technology accessible to non-profit organizations free of charge for their own, internal research projects.

For other applications (e.g. sponsored research) or for use in for-profit organizations, specific licensing models are available. TET Systems will offer the best fitted license model for your specific needs.

Due to the unique properties of the Tet Technology, TET Systems has built long standing relationships with its customers and partners with 90% of the world's Top 20 pharma companies being licensees.



Non-profit entities are allowed to use the Tet Technology for their internal R&D free of charge under a cost free limited use license. Under this limited use license the following uses are excluded and require a commercial license:

  • Sale or otherwise transfer the Tet Technology or its component parts to third parties.
  • Research using the Tet Technology being sponsored by for-profit organizations which shall receive ownership to any data and results stemming from the sponsored research.

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For-profit entities require a license from TET Systems to use our proprietary Tet Technology. TET Systems offers licenses tailored to your specific needs (internal R&D, commercial) company size, application and territory. 

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Notice to Recipients

Use of the Tetracycline controllable expression technology (the "Tet Technology") is covered under U.S. patents 8,383,364, RE49,583, 9,181,556, European Patents EP 1954811 and 2352833 and equivalents in other territories which are proprietary to TET Systems GmbH & Co.KG (“TET Systems”).

Not-for-profit and academic research institutions are granted an automatic cost-free license with the receipt of this material to use the Tet Technology only for internal, academic research purposes, which license specifically excludes the right to sell the Tet Technology or its component parts to third parties. Transfer of the Tet Technology or its component parts to other not-for-profit organizations requires a NOTICE TO RECIPIENT to be requested from TET Systems.
Academic and not-for-profit organizations whose research using the Tet Technology is sponsored by for-profit organizations, which shall receive ownership to any data or results stemming from the sponsored research, shall need a commercial license agreement from TET Systems to use the Tet Technology.

For-profit entities are required to sign a license with TET Systems prior to obtaining and using component parts of the Tet Technology falling under valid IP.

In accepting these terms, all users acknowledge that the Tet Technology is experimental in nature, and that the material will not be used in humans. TET Systems makes no warranties, express or implied of any kind, and hereby disclaims all warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind as to the Tet Technology, patents, or products.

For license information, please contact:

TET Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Attn.: Managing Director
Vangerowstrasse 20 
69115 Heidelberg, Germany
Tel: +49 6221 5880400
Fax: +49 6221 5880404