Leadership In Controlled Gene Expression

The Flexible Accelerated Stop TetO (F.A.S.T.) Mouse Knockin

A regulatable in vivo gene expression system

Probing for health-and disease-related genes is commonly aided by the use of gene targeted mouse models. Typically, various sets of mutant mouse lines are needed to model gain and/or loss of gene function.  In order to streamline the process and achieve a spectrum of controllable expression levels from a single target gene, an innovative and versatile technology called the Flexible Accelerated STOP TetO (F.A.S.T.TM) system was developed1 and exclusively licensed by inGenious Targeting Laboratory.

Demonstrated in Science2
, F.A.S.T.TM technology combines established tetracycline analogue-regulated, dynamic control of gene expression with recombinase-mediated modification of targeted loci.  Consequently, different genetic and phenotypic scenarios are addressed, starting with a single integrated mouse model.  Originating from the F.A.S.T.TM mouse line, different regulatable outcomes can be achieved.   In Figure 1, F.A.S.T.TM technology opens up the possibility to derive different mouse lines from a single mouse model, if local and timed reversible gene control is needed.

To learn more about how the FAST system can be customized to meet your research needs, please visit:http://genetargeting.com/technology/f-a-s-t/


1)     Tanaka KF et al. (2010) Flexible Accelerated STOP Tetracycline Operator-knockin (FAST): a versatile and efficient new gene modulating system. Biol Psychiatry 67(8): 770-773.

2)     Baudouin SJ et al. (2012) Shared synaptic pathophysiology in syndromic and nonsyndromic rodent models of autism. Science 338(6103): 128-132.